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 List of Accepted papers

Title Authors
The utility of personality types for personalizing persuasion Wenzhen Xu, Yuichi Ishikawa and Roberto Legaspi
A Psychological Model for Predicting the Smartphone Zombie Phenomenon and Intervention Tomohiro Sakai, Yuichi Kuriki, Wenzhen Xu, Masato Taya and Atsunori Minamikawa
Don’t Touch This! – Investigating the Potential of Visualizing Touched Surfaces on the Consideration of Behavior Change Elisabeth Ganal, Max Heimbrock, Philipp Schaper and Birgit Lugrin
Breathing Training on the Run: Exploring Users Perception on a Gamified Breathing Training Application during Treadmill Running Lisa Burr, Nick Betzlbacher, Alexander Meschtscherjakov and Manfred Tscheligi
Perceptions of real-time interactive persuasive technology for managing online gambling Emily Arden-Close, Elvira Bolat, Laura Vuillier and Raian Ali
Saving life and keeping privacy: A study on Mobile Apps for Suicide Prevention and Privacy Policies Jaisheen Kour Reen, Aniefiok Friday and Rita Orji
Exploring for Possible Effect of Persuasive Strategy Implementation Choices: Towards Tailoring Persuasive Systems Oladapo Oyebode, Felwah Alqahtani and Rita Orji
Investigating the efficacy of persuasive strategies on promoting fair recommendations Seyedeh Mina Mousavifar and Julita Vassileva
Human-Robot Interaction and User Manipulation Andrea Bertolini and Rachele Carli
Subliminal Warnings: Utilizing the High Bandwidth of Nonconscious Visual Perception Feng Zhu, Sandra Carpenter and Mini Zeng
Coaxing: An Empirical Exploration of a Novel Way to Nudge Athletic Performance in Sports Dees Postma, Sander ten Brinke, Robby van Delden and Dennis Reidsma
The impact of Medical Device Regulation on developing health behavior change support systems Eunice Eno Yaa Frimponmaa Agyei, Sami Pohjolainen and Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
Supporting to be Credible: Investigating Perceived So-cial Support as a Determinant of Perceived Credibility Felix Nti Koranteng, Jaap Ham, Uwe Matzat and Isaac Wiafe
Player Personality Traits and the Effectiveness of a Persuasive Game for Disease Awareness among the African Population Chinenye Ndulue and Rita Orji
Smartphone Security & Privacy – A Gamified Persuasive Approach with Protection Motivation Theory Anirudh Ganesh, Chinenye Ndulue and Rita Orji
A Blueprint for an AI&AR-based Eye Tracking System to Train Cardiology Professionals Better Interpret Electrocardiograms Mohammed Tahri Sqalli, Dena Al-Thani, Mohamed Elshazly and Mohammed Al-Hijji
SortOut: Persuasive Stress Management Mobile Application for Higher Education Students Mona Alhasani and Rita Orji
Player Matching in a Persuasive Mobile Exergame: Towards Performance-driven Collaboration and Adaptivity Oladapo Oyebode and Rita Orji
Context-Aware Chatbot based on Cyber-Physical Sensing for promoting Serendipitous Face-to-Face Communication in COVID-19 Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiromu Motomatsu, Yugo Nakamura and Yutaka Arakawa
Mixed methods examination of behavior change from learning supports based on a model of helping in equity focused simulation Garron Hillaire, Jessica Chen, Chris Buttimer, Josh Littenburg-Tobias, Abdi Ali and Justin Reich