Persuasive 2023: Connecting policy, applied research, industry and academia in applied Persuasive Technology.

Persuasive 2023 is the key conference in this vibrant, interdisciplinary research field. It focuses on the design, development and evaluation of behavior change technology.

Persuasive 2023 is also for:

  • researchers from industry, 
  • applied researchers, 
  • developers of digital interventions, and 
  • policy makers,
  • etc.  

At Persuasive 2023 you can:

  • Present your demonstration, new technology, poster or scientific paper;
  • To the audience that matters
  • Extend your knowledge of persuasive technology
  • Extend your network within academia (e.g., for EU projects)
  • Connect to companies that focus on behavior change
  • Connect to potential job candidates

The 2023 conference will be hosted by Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. The conference series seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia working with various topics of persuasive technology. These researchers have very diverse scientific backgrounds, ranging from engineering, computer science, human-computer interaction, design, psychology, ethics, communication, and many other specializations. 

  • Behavior change
  • Sustainability and Energy
  • Health 
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • And other domains
  • Responsible innovation of behavior change technology

You can:

Please email us for more information, other ideas, etc: