Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and lies in the south of the country near the Dommel and Gender streams. The city has a population of about 238,000. Eindhoven has an oceanic climate with slightly warmer summers and colder winters than the coastal parts of the Netherlands. Local time is GMT+2.

Eindhoven is sometimes called the ‘city of light’. It owes this honorific to Philips, the lightbulb and electronics giant that was founded here in 1891. During World War 2, large parts of the city were destroyed however after this devastation Eindhoven became the Dutch capital of industrial design and is now a thriving city with a great variety of tourist attractions and museums. Some places to visit are:

·      Van Abbemuseum ·      PSV Eindhoven Museum
·      Eindhoven Museum ·      Eindhoven Bottle Distillery
·      Evoluon ·      DAF Museum
·      Genneper Park ·      PSV Eindhoven Stadium
·      Stadswandelpark ·      Het Veem Food Market
·      St. Catherine’s Church ·      Culinary walk through the city centre
·      Village of Nuenen ·      Park Hilaria
·      Philips Museum ·      Dierenrijk Zoo